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About me

Hello! Thank you for visiting my page.

I have always loved costume jewellery, and have made pieces for my own enjoyment for a long time. Fifteen years ago, I learned a few new techniques from a class a friend dragged me along to … and the rest, as they say, is Herstory.

A couple of years later, I found myself owning a bead shop, naively but with optimism and enthusiasm. (All three traits are essential when beginning a new venture). The shop sold beads, jewellery, held classes and parties, but to my surprise, did so very much more. Our town is not large, and the things we were called upon to do were varied and challenging, especially repairing things. Nope, not just jewellery …

I was fascinated to discover how strongly people felt about sentimental pieces they owned. They may have been inherited from people they loved, or were chosen as mementos of their travels, or were particularly useful accessories in their wardrobe. But they were cherished regardless of their commercial value. Many were repaired to the best of our abilities, but the latter category caught my imagination. Why were some pieces of jewellery (in particular because, you know - me) almost irreplaceable? What were their qualities? There was a hidden X-Factor here. And when I began getting requests for a “new necklace for my friend/mother/grandmother”, or “earrings to go with this” - and such consignments requiring custom design skills, I realised that understanding the X-Factor might be useful, in producing something that would be a little more precious.

I trained as a Image and Style Consultant. Ta-Dah! While I am far too casual to be a Fashion Stylist, with all the dedication that entails, I remain besotted with jewellery. With training, I began to understand how much our personality dictates what we are drawn to, but - importantly - how choosing things with care and understanding elevates your purchases to another level: the X Factor. The X-Factor is choosing your pieces to align with your Jewellery Personality. Explaining what it is, and how it can work for you is my passion, and one of the reasons for this website.

I have recently closed my bead shop. I continue to do jewellery repairs, design and make jewellery, and keep in touch with my many customers. I now have some little spare time to run a web page, so this is it …

Let me show you how:

  • Learn about your personal jewellery style, and why it matters, in our style Pages.

  • Browse my beaded jewellery, sorted by style.

  • Join me at my blog, which will be chock full of tips about jewellery style

  • and in the future, an ebook to bring it all together for you

  • and more!

What are the images on the left about?

One way to illustrate how a slight shift in style and/or colour changes the end design. Gentle observation or questions will lead me to a different outcome. The Colour and Style training reduces the number of questions I need to ask, and thereby the irritation that an inquisition can bring!