Happenings in a Bead Shop: Introduction

Hi !

Welcome to my first blog post ! 

I welcome the opportunity to add more explanation than might appear in my Facebook or Instagram posts, and even my less regular Google+ posts (must polish that one up). These forums mostly show photos of our jewellery, with different styles. I also have a YouTube channel (sounds very professional, doesn't it?), which is the place for jewellery making tips.There is more to come there too.  

So ... what will my blog chat about?

I have called it "Happenings in a Bead Shop", and before you yawn, I might say that a small shop in a country town in Australia, is a fascinating, sometimes challenging, interesting, and very positive fun place to be. And it's busy: to schedule (another) frequent social media commitment like a blog post will mean I have to stretch time. Put down my beading. Sigh. I shall do my best.

I hope my blog will include colour and style tips for wearing jewellery, how you can learn to choose beads and jewellery that will become a treasured part of your wardrobe. We want to share the joy of wearing jewellery you love. 

Welcome, again, and lets enjoy the journey together.



Kim Flowers