Classic Jewellery Style Personality

Classic banner (1).png

Traits of the Classic Jewellery Personality

The Classic jewellery personality is recognisable primarily by

  • her elegance
  • Understated style
  • Uncluttered (no dangles), simple design
  • Likes classic designer pieces
  • Often prefer stud earrings
  • Gently accessorises clothing, rather than being statements of their own
  • Softer colours


Because most of us are a blend of styles ...

Start blending the Classic style:

  • with Dramatic overtonesStill elegant, but the colour choice is bolder, the beads larger, and the jewellery is more visible
  • with Feminine overtonesElegant, but more detail, a touch of bling, more movement
  • with Natural overtonesElegant, but the beads will be of natural origins, and more likely in earthier colours, or colours of the sea
  • with Creative overtonesstill elegant but adding a touch of quirkiness, maybe a handmade item, or a vintage find