Jewellery Repairs

So you have pieces of jewellery that you love, and you find they are impossible to replace. Yes, I do repair jewellery, because I understand this! But I don't do specialty restorations, and there are times when I will say (with suitable regret) that your piece has served you well, but it is time to let it go!!

Colour & Style Consultations

We LOVE colour! It's a powerful tool to enhance your looks. By choosing to wear your most flattering shades, you can look brighter, fresher, younger and even healthier! It's a natural way to feeling and looking better. And - best of all - it's a skill you can learn!

A Colour Consultation

  • takes 1-1.5 hour of play and discussion, and you leave with an understanding of which colours flatter you best

  • which prints, contrast levels, metals and neutrals suit you

  • and you get to keep a colour swatch, of over 50 colours, to keep in your bag, and a personalised booklet

We aim to give you confidence and independence in selecting your wardrobe, saving you time, energy and money. Less clutter, more co-ordination, and more You. And more fun!

Group Colour Consultations and gift vouchers available.


A Style Consultation

will give you the knowledge about how to choose clothes to suit your body shape as well as your personality. You will save time and money (again) by avoiding bad decisions, and shopping will be less stressful and lots more fun! You will build a wardrobe that effortlessly mix-and-matches, looks and feels terrific, because it is essentially You!

A Style Consultation will include

  • What styles, textures, and fabrics most suit your body shape

  • the importance of proportion (not size) and scale

  • hair style and glasses to suit your face and personality

  • necklines, skirt lengths and clothing shapes that best suit you

  • a personalised folder to keep

Group Style Consultations and Gift Vouchers are available. Contact me for more information.