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Creative Personality Style


Traits Of The Creative Jewellery Personality

The Rule Breaker, ever interesting, and on the lookout for the unusual. 

  • Bow to no fashion trend - they follow their own

  • happy to combine colours, patterns, styles to fit their mood

  • often found in op-shops, or craft (bead!) shops to create pieces that reflect their individualistic style

  • will wear rings, armbands, anklets, tiaras, foot/wrist jewellery ... any or all might be adopted to reflect their style

Because most of us are a blend of styles ...

Blending The Creative Style

The more purely authentic Creative style is boldly individual, but in truth, many of us have a touch of the creative in us. Most especially those of us who troll craft shops, op shops, and the net looking for something "a bit different" to add interest to our style.

  • with Classic overtones: Elegant, but strongly individual, often designer

  • with Feminine overtones: Likely to have lots of jewellery, with dangles, bling, layers, possibly mismatched

  • with Dramatic overtones: A very strong personal style, big in scale, colour, more likely to combine styles, have more piece than the more purely Dramatic

  • with Natural overtones: the creative personality with the individualistic streak, but using natural beads, and colours.