Dramatic Jewellery Personality

Dramatic banner.png

Traits of the Dramatic Jewellery Style

When the Dramatic personality traits dominate ..

  • You will know it! 
  • Strong impact, not fussy, often only single pieces 
  • A sharp, defined style, bolder, bigger ... more, then again, and again
  • Whilst the look is bold, it is disciplined, often angular, sharp, with little fuss or extra detail
  • Strong contrast is common
  • As are statement pieces


Because most of us are a blend of styles ...

Start blending the Dramatic style:

When the Dramatic personality blends with others, it makes the other styles bigger, stronger and more

  • with Classic overtones: ith the elegance of the Classic, but more, and larger, and the jewellery piece becomes a more important part of the outfit
  • with Feminine overtones: Lighter colours, and her statement piece will likely contain a little bling
  • with Natural overtonesStill big, bold and clean, but likely to be natural beads (think wood, gemstones), and earthy colours
  • with Creative overtonesInteresting pieces of original design, maybe designer but will be unusual


Benefits of Knowing Your Jewellery Style

Ahh, so many! Wait while I stand on my box ...

  • Choose confidently between delicate or bold, sparkle or muted, contrasting or soft, degrees of detail, symmetry or simplicity ... you know what will work for you
  • You will build a wardrobe of pieces that will work with many outfits
  • Enhances your colouring, draws the eye to your best features, and away from those you may want to disguise
  • You can adapt current trends to best suit you
  • Resonating with your style, and emphasizing it
  • Your jewellery will become an accessory with super powers

And if you are choosing for someone else, or are a designer, you can recognize and respect variations in style, and honour the diversity.