Dramatic Jewellery Personality

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Traits of the Dramatic Jewellery Style

When the Dramatic personality traits dominate ..

  • You will know it!

  • Strong impact, not fussy, often only single pieces

  • A sharp, defined style, bolder, bigger ... more, then again, and again

  • Whilst the look is bold, it is disciplined, often angular, sharp, with little fuss or extra detail

  • Strong contrast is common

  • As are statement pieces


Because most of us are a blend of styles ...

Start blending the Dramatic style:

When the Dramatic personality blends with others, it makes the other styles bigger, stronger and more

  • with Classic overtones: ith the elegance of the Classic, but more, and larger, and the jewellery piece becomes a more important part of the outfit

  • with Feminine overtones: Lighter colours, and her statement piece will likely contain a little bling

  • with Natural overtones: Still big, bold and clean, but likely to be natural beads (think wood, gemstones), and earthy colours

  • with Creative overtones: Interesting pieces of original design, maybe designer but will be unusual


Benefits of Knowing Your Jewellery Style

Ahh, so many! Wait while I stand on my box ...

  • Choose confidently between delicate or bold, sparkle or muted, contrasting or soft, degrees of detail, symmetry or simplicity ... you know what will work for you

  • You will build a wardrobe of pieces that will work with many outfits

  • Enhances your colouring, draws the eye to your best features, and away from those you may want to disguise

  • You can adapt current trends to best suit you

  • Resonating with your style, and emphasizing it

  • Your jewellery will become an accessory with super powers

And if you are choosing for someone else, or are a designer, you can recognize and respect variations in style, and honour the diversity.

I take your jewellery wardrobe as seriously as you take your clothing one. We all know jewellery can be a very powerful accessory, punching above its weight in pulling a look together. Understanding your jewellery personality and aligning your purchases to match it, multiplies this effect. Not only does it save you time and money - woo hoo!- but you love your pieces! How could you not, if it saves you precious time and money, and makes you look fantastic too? Take the guesswork out of your jewellery purchasing - online or in store - and build a jewellery wardrobe that sings your name!

Let me show you how:

  • Learn about your personal jewellery style, and why it matters, in our style Pages.

  • Browse my beaded jewellery, sorted by style.

  • Join me at my blog, which will be chock full of tips about jewellery style

  • and in the future, an ebook to bring it all together for you

  • and more ..

Ruth Flowers, (owner) is a qualified Colour and Style Consultant, specialising in jewellery style and design.