Short Red Millifiori Earrings

Short Red Millifiori Earrings


10mm red millifiori Murano bead toppedwith a mid red crystal rondelle. These make a really sweet gift, as well as matching our Red Millifiori necklaces,

  • Quality silver plated earhooks

    Please note that Murano beads are handmade, part of their charm is that no two beads match exactly

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Red Millifiori Bead Necklace

A simple short necklace, with 10mm red Murano millifiori beads at the front, spaced with rich red crystal rondelles, and small millifiori beads to finish. Smaller in size overall, but still with the rich red colour, and the pretty multicolour flower patterns on the Murano beads. It would be a well-received present.

  • Push clasp