Swarovski Crystal Post Earrings - 8mm Padparadscha

Swarovski Crystal Post Earrings - 8mm Padparadscha


Classic Swarovski sparkle in a padparadscha (watermelon) shade. A most useful colour to own, because it so often appears in prints and colour mixes.

These are quality plated findings in an antique gold finish. Nickel free.

The crystal is 8mm in diameter, and the fitting is 6mm deep - this is not a shallow crystal. Great small gifts, and are suitable for second piercings, for the more dramatic in personality (and for those who love to sparkle, of course). The golden shadow shade has become the Swarovski crystal “gold” colour, but once it becomes a diamante (with the foil backing), it darkens a little, but the reflections from the foil give it great depth.

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