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Natural Personality Style


Traits of the Natural Jewellery Style

  • Often low maintenance, uninterested in fashion trends

  • Loves natural fibres, leather, silk cord, matte finishes

  • Strongly prefers gemstones, wood, amber, shells, pearls

  • Is attracted to the colours of the earth, the sky and the sea

  • Jewellery may be minimal, and simply functional


Blending the Natural style

Because most of us are a blend of styles ...

When the Natural Personality style blends with others:

  • with Classic overtones: with understated style, using natural beads or earthy colours

  • with Feminine overtones: using natural beads, duskier colours, perhaps prefering faceted gemstones, smaller beads, more strands and charms

  • with Dramatic overtones: with stronger colours, more contrast, bigger, maybe a large gemstone statement piece, or geometric settings

  • with Creative overtones: still dominated by natural beads and simpler style, but the colours or settings will be unusual. May be attracted to tribal styles