Terms and Conditions

Please read our Terms and Conditions before ordering


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  • Our prices on the website include GST, and are in Australian dollars.
  • The cost of postage is separate and shown on our page 
  • All prices are subject to change without notice.


Online ordering


  • Any technical or other glitches that might happen and are beyond our control entitles us to cancel the order if necessary.
  • You are bound to supply accurate and complete details when you are ordering. We require name, delivery address, email address, contact details, and payment details. These details must apply to you, no other third party.
  • An order must be verified by us. Payment being accepted by another party does not constitute an order that is binding on us.
  • We describe our products as accurately as possible, but do not warrant these are exact. Images may differ from reality due to differences in digital representation on other computers. 




  • We will collect some details from you as part of the order process. These details will not be passed onto any third party. We do not store your card details.




  • All payments due must be paid before the goods will be delivered.
  • Payment at the time of writing will be made by credit card, debit card, direct deposit or PayPal.




  • No times or dates can be guaranteed, but there will be an estimated date of delivery provided. 
  • Should the delivery be damaged in transit, you must notify me within 48 hours. Keep the damaged packaging for damage claim.


Intellectual Property (IP)


  • Many of our pieces are designed by us. We keep the intellectual property acs. You have no right to copy our designs.
  • You may link to our website - please ask. Do not alter our content, it remains our IP.